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City A.M. targets an intelligent, business-minded audience online with data-driven and curated content on economics, market news, technology, science, media and sport business.

The content is updated seven days a week and is easy to share on social media platforms. City A.M. also creates useful infographics, making the content even more accessible. These are designed to work perfectly on all devices.

The website is in a huge growth phase, regularly enjoying a record number of unique monthly users and pageviews.

  • 1.2m unique monthly visitors
  • 2.5m monthly pageviews
  • 190% YoY growth

This increase has been achieved without diluting our premium audience of AB men, aged 25-54 with a high disposable income.

*Source: Adobe Analytics; comScore


The website attracts a premium audience that is largely male, aged 25-54, social grade AB and with a household income over £50k. In fact, City A.M. outperforms the websites of The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times in terms of percentage of users who fall within these demographics.

  • 69% Male
  • 68% 25-54
  • 62% Social Grade AB
  • 43% HHI > £50k+ is 96% more likely to attract AB users and 40% more likely to attract ABC1 users when compared to the total Internet.

61,000 users are unique to, with these users not visiting,,, or across the month.

*Source: comScore

TRAFFIC is in a huge growth phase, enjoying a record number of unique monthly users and pageviews in the last two months.

The number of unique monthly users is in excess of 1m, up 190% YoY.

The number of monthly pageviews is 2.5m, with 75%+ of traffic generated in the UK.

The website is growing substantially in all areas, but mobile is growing the fastest with over 30% of traffic now on mobile. This upward growth trend is expected to continue over the next few years.

*Source: Google Analytics


In addition to traditional banner advertising, City A.M. offers a number of advertising solutions with proven results. 

A History of Successful Campaigns

  • Site takeovers with Page Skins – maximum visibility on the website, these are perfect for campaign launches and often take place over 24-hour periods.
  • Large formats including Billboards and Double MPUs – an eye-catching take on traditional advertising formats, for advertisers looking to get noticed
  • Mobile Sticky Banner – with mobile traffic on the rise, the mobile sticky banner is perfect for reaching City A.M. users on-the-go.
  • Native advertising – a content-led solution which enjoys higher CTRs than traditional display ads
    (see below for further information).
  • Hub – to host a series of content, with commercial links and solus advertising within the hub. City A.M. can also create a parallax scrolling site for clients. The possibilities are endless.
  • Competition pages – these are used to increase engagement with users and generate leads as part of promotional efforts.
  • Infographics – for sharing. Infographics are already an integral part of the website content. We can also create bespoke infographics for clients.
  • Newsletters and Solus emails – targeted messages sent to our premium database of 37,000 subscribers
    (see below for further information).


City A.M. offers native advertising on the website across all devices. Native advertising has the same look and feel as our content, engaging users and delivering deeper engagement and a higher CTR than traditional display ads.

Native advertising features in stream on the homepage and all article pages to ensure the highest level of exposure on the website, regardless of the device used. There are 5 Native advertising positions to choose from and these can link to sponsored content on our website or to specific external client pages.



City A.M. has over 37,000 subscribers to our main daily newsletters.

These subscribers have been built exclusively from readers of the newspaper and website. As a result, the quality of the data ensures that advertisers reach a targeted and highly engaged audience, and enjoy high open and click through rates.

Packages are available - see below.

Morning Update

Our flagship email. The essential daily update – with a snapshot of the markets and the top articles from City A.M. Sent at 10.30am UK time, weekdays. Averages 7,500 unique opens.

Early Riser

Sent at the ideal time for commuters, this contains the top articles from the paper. Sent at 6am UK time, weekdays.

Before the Open

A brief of what you need to know before the markets open. Sent at 7.30am UK time, weekdays.

Five at 5

Containing only the top five stories subscribers need to have read - tailored to each reader. 5pm UK time.


In addition, we allow select premium advertisers to send targeted emails to our subscriber list. Solus emails have limited availability. With an average of 7,000 unique opens per solus email, subscribers are truly engaged. Full support is provided to all clients to ensure optimum click-throughs, and we can also prepare Solus emails for clients.

Weekend Review

A Saturday email reflecting on the week's events. Gets a similar open rate to the Morning Update, with a higher percentage of mobile and tablet engagement.

Email packages

Email Package 1: Newsletter Sponsorship of the Morning Update, Early Riser, Before the Open and the Five at 5.

The go-to package, for regularly reaching our engaged audience, at work and on their commute, in prime slots alongside our most popular curated content

Best for:

  • Raising awareness of business, investment and career products, services and events
  • Creating a narrative: Message can change across newsletters and days
  • Time sensitive offers and opportunities
  • Getting seen by the largest number of subscribers
  • Testing the responsiveness of our audience
  • Providing creative quickly, in standard ad formats which work across email clients.
  • Regular communication: Can be bought as a single day sponsorship, a full week sponsorship or consecutive weeks

This suits: business schools, property, events, sport

Email Package 2: Solus email

Premium, one off, total database blast - for compelling commercial opportunities with broad appeal

Best for:

  • Broad appeal to everyone in our audience
  • Personal offers
  • Messages with clear calls to action
  • Driving traffic to a landing page
  • A premium upsell for high performing newsletter sponsorship clients
  • Email optimised html creative that is responsively designed (works on desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • Creative at time of negotiation – and certainly well in advance of deadline - to allow testing and recommendations from the City A.M. Digital Team to optimise performance.
  • Infrequent communication – no more than one per month

This suits: Advertisers with unique, exclusive and appealing offers, white papers and competitions who can tailor the message to be personally interesting

Email Package 3: Weekend Review

Saturday weekly digest: a reflective read, out of office hours, alongside our best weekly content

Best for:

  • Raising awareness of leisure products
  • Offers that suit our affluent target market but are not necessarily business-focused products
  • Providing creative quickly, in standard ad formats which work across email clients
  • Infrequent communication – only once a week every Saturday

This suits:  Lifestyle products and services: fashion, travel, leisure

Email design and consultancy

Included support: As standard, the City A.M. Digital Team can offer messaging and creative design advice to optimise performance - for every email package sold.

Advanced Support: For an additional fee, we can completely design campaigns. This suits clients that do not have the resources to provide email creative to specification, or would like to use our understanding of our audience. This service will require at least seven working days’ notice.



The City A.M. app is responsively-designed, enhanced PDF viewer for those who wish to read a digital replica of the newspaper. It was created for a loyal base of visitors who choose to download the paper from the City A.M. website. In addition to the PDF, it features the latest online stories presented as a feed on the app homepage. 
Advertisers can sponsor a Leaderboard and Mobile banner which appear at the bottom of the app home page when viewed on a tablet and mobile respectively. Hyperlinks are also available in text and ads on the app, enabling advertisers to drive traffic directly to their website.
The app can be downloaded via iOS, Google Play and Amazon. It has had c.10,000 downloads since launching in November 2014 and it currently averages 1,050 unique readers per weekday.