Not selling itself short: SVG Capital puts the first tranche of its shares up for sale

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City sources said Lynn Fordham had "played a blinder" (Source: Getty)
he starting gun was today fired on the winding-up of SVG Capital (SVG) following a tumultuous couple of months late this summer.

Investors will be able to sell up to £350m of the company's shares from today, priced at 715p each. The offer will be open until 15 December and is part of a series of tender offers that will conclude with the winding up of the company. SVG said shareholders can expect to be paid over £1.1bn between them.

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HarbourVest is hoovering up all the shares following an animated period that started with the US fund giant's initial 650p offer on 12 September being rebuffed by SVG; the firm eagerly urged shareholders not to accept the offer on the table.

Counter-offers followed and were approved by the SVG board. Just as it seemed HarbourVest might be losing its grip, it tabled a 715p per share offer that SVG's board accepted on 18 October.

SVG's chief exec Lynn Fordham was hailed a hero by some in the City for forcing HarbourVest's offer up after it seemed that the US fund had gathered sufficient shareholder approval.

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Andrew Sykes, SVG's chairman said the deal offered "optimum value for all its shareholders".

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