Hey big spender: These countries spend the most on business trips to the UK

Francesca Washtell
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Business travellers from some of the world's poorest countries were also the highest spenders (Source: Getty)

Business trips are expensive, there are no two ways about it.

From hotels, actually travelling to and from another country and the ever-growing list of expenses (including the £142 in unclaimed expenses that gets lost on each trip), the bills all add up.

But when it comes to countries that undertake business trips to the UK, some of the nations that splash the most cash aren't who you think they might be.

Pakistan spends on average the most per business trip to the UK, at £2,457, according to data compiled by Expert Market from the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures on overseas residents visits to the UK.

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Nigeria and New Zealand came in second and third place respectively, shelling out £2,253 and £2,104 overall per work trip.

In the list of countries that splashed out the most per day, Barbados spent by far the most at £405 per day, followed by Sweden (£348), Jamaica (£336), Luxembourg (£286) and Cyprus (£279).

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, business travellers from New Zealand make the most of their journeys by taking the longest trips to the UK when measured by number of days (21.5 on average per trip), followed by India at 21.48 and Pakistan at 18.5.

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