So long, Tower Bridge, we'll see you again on New Year's Eve (if we're in a vehicle, that is) after major renovation works

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Pedestrians will be able to use the bridge for all but three weekends (Source: Getty)

Farewell, Tower Bridge, we’ll see you on New Year's Eve. Well, technically it’s only farewell for vehicles and cyclists wanting to cross the bridge from tomorrow until 30 December, but we’ll feel its loss all the same.

To undertake some pretty hefty construction work (which, incidentally, will only upgrade elements of the Victorian structure that were installed in the 1970s or after) Tower Bridge will be closed to London’s vehicles for the next three months.

If you're wondering why it needed to occur in the run-up to Christmas, The Capitalist has been told the following three months are the quietest time of year for river traffic.

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However, the deciding and very British factor was that the weather is worse after the New Year, despite that being a quieter time for road traffic.

If you have tourist friends visiting in that time, don’t worry, it will remain open to pedestrians for all but three weekends (26-27 November, 3-4 and 10-11 December), so you can still wait patiently as photos are taken and Instagram posts are composed.

If Tower Bridge is your favourite crossing and you’ll mourn not taking your commute over it, The Capitalist would suggest these three alternatives to fill the bridge-shaped hole in your life.

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1. Go by ferry.

No, seriously, the fresh air will keep you immune from winter colds.

2. Use London Bridge.

No, it’s not great, but its the oldest river crossing in London for a reason.

3. Work from home.

Go all out if you have a nice boss and use this as a three-month trial for home shifts.

Tower Bridge took part in the Olympics too

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