If you go down to the woods today... you might find a Google robot

Lynsey Barber
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Atlas can make its way across rough terrrain (Source: Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

A woman walking her dog was in for a surprise when she came across something a little more unusual also out for a stroll.

It's not every day that you stumble across one of the biggest companies in the world testing out their robot technology, but that's exactly what happened - and she caught it all on camera.

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The Google-owned Boston Dynamics robot, Atlas, has been caught on camera before in official videos, but never before "in the wild".

Atlas is one of several types of robots Boston Dynamics is working on - others are more dog-like machines. Perhaps the dog, non-plussed by Atlas, might take more interest if it ran it to BigDog or Spot.

Google is reportedly looking to sell Boston Dynamics, a startup it acquired back in 2013, with Toyota said to be an interested party.

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