Tinder swipes right to acquire contact management startup Humin and "accelerate our product roadmap"

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Tinder has agreed to acquire contacts management startup Humin (Source: Getty)

Dating app Tinder has swiped right on Humin, agreeing a takeover deal for the contact management startup.

Tinder's founder and chief executive Sean Rad said the company and its apps would be used to "accelerate our product roadmap".

Like Tinder, Humin was founded in 2012. It has two contact management apps - Humin Contacts and Knock Knock.

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Announcing the deal, Humin said: “Our friends at Tinder share our underlying vision and have already revolutionised the world of dating.

“Now, as a part of Tinder, we believe that together we can make it easier than ever to meet amazing new people and connect with your friends - at a scale we could never reach alone.”

As well as acquiring Humin's technology, Tinder is also taking on a number of Humin employees.

Co-founders Ankur Jain and David Wyler will be joining Tinder as vice president of product and vice president of partnerships respectively.

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Rad said: "We're excited to leverage their experience and IP to accelerate our product roadmap along with some other exciting projects we have in the works."

Humin's Jain said his company and Tinder are “fighting for the same thing”.

He added: "We wanted to use technology to get people off their phones and building relationships in the real world. By joining Tinder, we are able to solve these problems at an unprecedented scale."

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