A day with Zac Goldsmith: Just one of the prizes up for grabs at the Conservatives' Black & White ball

Caitlin Morrison
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It would appear that Zac Goldsmith is more popular than Adele in Conservative circles (Source: Getty)

Guests at the Tories' Black & White Ball just can't get enough of hanging out with Conservative MPs it seems.

Despite having to fork out at least £5,000 for a standard table for ten, and up to £15,000 for a premium table, one of the guests at the lavish event, held last night at the Brewery in London, bid £35,000 to spend a day on the campaign trail with London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith.

To put this in perspective - that's £5,000 more than than the winning bid of £30,000 for 20 tickets to see Adele.

However, both Zac and Adele will be unimpressed by the fact that a lot consisting solely of Tory election posters went for £50,000. They may have been signed, winning campaign posters, but posters nonetheless.

And it appears Kurt Geiger is not the retailer of choice for Conservatives, with a £1,000 voucher going for just £1,200.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to the audience ahead of the auction, during which he managed to get in a few jibes against Labour. Somewhat predictably, he commented: "Tonight we have proved that we have done something the Labour Party could not do... organise a piss up in a brewery."

As well as an array of Cabinet ministers, including Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid and Michael Gove, other attendees at last night's party included Tory peer Karren Brady and West Ham chair David Gold.

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