The weirdest things left in London's cabs

Lynsey Barber
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Parrots: Easily forgotten (Source: Getty)

First we had prosthetic legs left on the Tube, now it's stuffed animals forgotten in the back of taxis - Londoners are apparently a forgetful bunch.

What was I saying? A taxidermy fox, £5,000 cash and a gold tooth are among the most bizarre items to have been left behind by passengers in the back of minicabs in the capital.

“It’s actually quite surprising to hear about some of the items left in the back of cars – a big one is scarves and gloves in the colder months, but we’ve seen boxes of chocolates, and lingerie on a few occasions, particularly around Valentine’s Day,” said Duncan Blackett, the chief executive of iRide, a fleet of cabs on minicab ordering platform Kabbee, which has revealed the most bizarre forgotten objects.

A whip, along with some latex underwear, were also left behind, as was a diamond ring, inflatable zimmer frame and tank of helium. The award for weirdest thing lost in a cab , however, has to go to... a parrot.

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