London mayoral election 2016: How Sadiq Khan, Caroline Pidgeon and Sian Berry will cut transport costs

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The Lib Dems will halve fares before 7.30am (Source: Getty)

Travel costs are likely to be an important topic in the run-up to this year's London mayoral election, as a substantial chunk of the capital's workers rely on the capital's underground, DLR, overground and TfL rail services to get around.

The Lib Dems, Labour and Greens have all announced policies which will cut travel costs in their bid to take over from current mayor Boris Johnson. While we're yet to hear from Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, here's a round-up of everything that's been announced so far:

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon has announced plans to halve fares on the Underground, DLR, overground and TfL rail services before 7.30am. She said it will cost £30m, and will help low-paid workers, as well as easing congestion during rush hour.

Pidgeon also promised to bring in a one-hour bus ticket, allowing passengers to ride multiple buses within one full hour for a fare of £1.50.

"Supporting those Londoners who get up early and make our city work is really important, providing real help with the cost of living in the capital," Pidgeon said.

"This is a win-win policy for Londoners."

Sadiq Khan, Labour

Prior to his landslide victory in the Labour party's mayoral candidate rate, Sadiq Khan pledged to freeze tube fares until 2020 if he wins this summer's election. Khan also announced plans to slash bus fares and shake up the way ticketing works, with a single ticket being valid for a full hour.

"I want to be crystal clear - no ifs, no buts - what you'll pay if I'm elected mayor in May 2016 is what you'll pay at the end of my four years in office," Khan said at the time.

"For millions of workers in London, the cost of travel is a huge part of their annual salary. With spiralling housing costs, the mayor has the ability to help ease the financial burden for commuters and I will deliver for them."

Sian Berry, Greens

The Green party has opted for a characteristically more wacky policy, with their "#fairfares" campaign, calling for the complete abolition of fare zones in London. It would reduce London to just four travel zones from 2017, working towards introducing flat fares by 2025.

"Everyone's journey to work should cost the same. Flattening the zone structure is the most revolutionary idea for London's fares since the introduction of the travel card in 1983," Sian Berry, the Green Party's candidate for the mayoral election, said.

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