ArcaBoard is a real-life hoverboard that'll set you back $20,000

Lynsey Barber
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Arcaboard cost more than self-balancing scooters (Source: Arcaboard)

The craze for hoverboards may put some people into a technicality tizz, considering the devices do little - well, actually no - hovering at all. But now, the future envisioned in Back to the Future is really here, with the invention of a real-life hoverboard.

The floating device (not simply a self-balancing scooter like the Christmas craze, which has been blamed for multiple injuries and fires), has been created by private space company ArcaSpace.

The ArcaBoard brings to life the dreams of anyone who's ever dreamed of simply zooming down the street on a floating board (and who hasn't). Unfortunately, though, it does come with a hefty price tag. $20,000 (£13,446) to be exact.

Using the power of electric fans, the ArcaBoard can lift someone above the ground and hover for, er, six minutes. You can control the direction using a phone, but thrill seekers can attempt it just using their body to control the 272 horsepower. Take a look at it in action here: