Here's what we searched online in 2015 in Britain, according to Bing: Politics, royalty, Rugby World Cup and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Princess Charlotte was a popular search in 2015 (Source: Getty)

The General Election, the Labour leadership race and the attacks in Paris are the events of 2015 which occupied our thoughts the most - or our search habits, at least.

It was political and world events which dominated the top 10 most searched for news events this year, but royalty also piqued the interest of Britons.

The insight into our search habits offers a fascinating insight to the minds of the nation and the moments that matter to us. It's based on millions of searches on Bing.

Most searched for news in the UK in 2015

1. General Election

2. Labour leadership race

3. Paris attacks

4. Islamic State

5. The royal baby

6. Ebola

7. Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

8. Alton Towers accident

9. Nepal earthquake

10. The Supermoon

Meanwhile, it was the Rugby World Cup which occupied sports fans online, followed by Wimbledon and the Six Nations.

Top sports searches of 2015

1. Rugby World CUp

2. Wimbledon

3. Six Nations

4. Lewis Hamilton

5. Mayweather Pacquiao

6. Brendan Rogers leaving Liverpool

7. Davis CUp

8. Superbowl

9. Fifa corruption scandal

10. Mourinho

Star Wars is expected to be a winner at the box office, and even before its release, interest has reached fever pitch, with Episode VII The Force Awakens topping the most searched-for films of 2015. Bond wasn't on top this time, with Fifty Shades of Grey and Jurassic World whipping ahead.

Most searched for films of 2015

1. Star Wars Episode VII

2. Jurassic World

3. Fifty SHades of Grey

4. Spectre

5. Furious 7

6.  Avengers Ager of Ultron

7. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part II

8. Mad Max Fury Road

9. Kingsman

10. The Martian

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