These UK companies are creating technologies to make ageing more pleasant

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Path Finder's laser-fitted shoe will help people with Parkinson's to walk
Path Finder's laser-fitted shoe will help people with Parkinson's to walk (Source: MedTechSouthEast)

A handful of companies in London and the South East have been awarded backing to turn their healthcare inventions into reality.

As part of the first ever MedTechSouthEast competition, 10 firms have been selected for their innovative designs to help elderly people stay independent for longer – a crucial development in an ageing society.

The winners will now be put on an accelerator prrogramme to help build their ideas into “effective, usable and commercially successful” health technologies that can provide support for those who find day-to-day life physically challenging.

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The help will come from design experts and medtech industry leaders taking part in the programme, which is a joint initiative by the Design Council and MedCity, the Mayor of London’s life sciences promotional organisation.

So who are the winners, and what technologies can we expect to improve our lives in old age? Here are the five we like the most...

1. Path Finder – shoes with laser technology that emits lines ahead to help Parkinson's sufferers walk.

2. GyroGear – gloves with gyroscope and sensor technology to combat hand tremor.

3. Strawz – fixed-dose medicine dispenser to ensure people consume accurate doses.

4. Evolvable Walking Aid Kit – a "build it yourself" walking aid kit to overcome to lack of adaptability in walking frames.

5. Dolman Plug & Socket – a plug and socket system that can be pushed in or removed with little effort. Designed for people with poor grip.

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