HSBC sorts computer glitch and completes all delayed payments

Sarah Spickernell
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Thousands of customers did not receive their monthly salaries yesterday (Source: Getty)
HSBC announced today that it has sorted out the computer glitch that resulted in 275,000 payments being delayed yesterday.
The bank, which suffered a problem with its BACS payment system, left thousands of customers worrying that they would have no money over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Those affected included HSBC account holders expecting their salaries, and those waiting for payments from HSBC accounts.
But HSBC posted a tweet an hour ago saying it had “processed all payments”. This follows on from a statement late last night, which confirmed it had already processed 99 per cent of delayed payments.

For anyone who has still not received a payment from an HSBC account, the bank advised them to get in touch with their own bank, because “individual banks may have slightly different clearing times”.

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