CEO doppelgangers tested by Microsoft's #TwinsOrNotRobot face detection software

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Fresh from telling us how old we (and top bosses) look, Microsoft has put its face recognition software to a similarly wonderful use with #TwinsOrNotRobot.

Simply upload two pictures and an algorithm will tell you how similar the pictured pair look.

We've put quite a few top business leaders through it and come up with these favourites.

Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffet

Does everyone end up looking the same as they grow older? It seems that way when it comes to Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffet at least. Compare pictures of their younger days and they're just a 25 per cent match. These days, they're practically twins.

Unfortunately, the #TwinsOrNotRobot would not let us compare either with the main character in Disney movie, Up.

Shell Vs BP

Does it take a certain type of person to head up a massive oil business? Perhaps. Shell boss Ben van Beurden and BP chief Bob Dudley so closely resemble each other, they could almost be related.

Lloyds Vs RBS

Looks like it's even truer in banking. Just look at the match between Ross McEwan and Antonio Horta-Osario. Who would have guessed?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

In the tech world, however, that kind of rivalry plays out via an algorithm pretty close to real-life. The two most famous men in tech in the past 30 years, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, may as well be from a different planet. The same could be said of their companies.

Dave Lewis.... Jim Robinson

We always knew Tesco boss Dave Lewis reminded us of someone. And now we know. With an astonishing 92 per cent match (so say algorithms), Lewis is the doppelganger of the actor forever known as Jim Robinson from Neighbours, Alan Dale.

Mark Carney and..... Ryan Gosling

Some say the Bank of England governor has film star looks. Well, they might be on to something. Microsoft's robot thinks there is more than a passing resemblance between him and Ryan Gosling.

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