Why over-50s in Edinburgh, Leeds and Sheffield have the best standards of living in the UK

Emma Haslett
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If you're over 50, it may be time to venture beyond the Watford Gap, new research has suggested - because the five places offering the best standards of living for those who are either retired or heading towards retirement are in the North.

According to the Over 50s Living Standards Report, by Rias, Edinburgh offers the best standards of living - over-50s there have the highest household income and the lowest unemployment. It's also ranked second highest for combined pension pot value, at £120,532, and with £524 a month to splash, older people there have the third-highest monthly disposable income.

The UK's top 10 cities for over-50s

1. Edinburgh

2. Leeds

3. Sheffield

4. Manchester

5. Bradford

6. Bristol

7. London

8. Birmingham

9. Glasgow

10. Liverpool

Yorkshire is surprisingly welcoming to the over-50s, with three of its cities - Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield - included in the top five. While Leeds ranked highly for both happiness and life satisfaction, Sheffield had the highest monthly disposable income, with £567 a month, and was also the second-happiest place.

By contrast, while London's over-50s have the biggest pension pots, with £145,000 at their disposal, they also have the largest monthly outgoings, with London life costing £1,384 a month. The capital also ranked low down for happiness and life satisfaction.

At least Londoners can take solace in the fact the weather tends to be better...

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