Tuesday 14 June 2016 9:56 am

The UK is home to more innovative universities than just one other country

The UK is home to more innovative universities than any other country in Europe apart from Germany, a new ranking reveals.

World-renowned Oxford and Cambridge ranked third and eighth, respectively, in a new list compiled by Reuters. But it's Imperial College which topped the list of UK universities, coming in at number two just behind KU Leuven in Belgium.

The UK boasts 17 of the 100 most innovative universities in Europe, just shy of Germany's 24.

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Manchester, Dundee, The University of London and Edinburgh were also among the UK institutions to make the list.

The most innovative UK universities in Europe

UK ranking University Overall ranking
1 Imperial College  2
2 Cambridge 3
3 Oxford 8
4 Manchester 17
5 Dundee 18
6 University of London 30
7 Edinburgh 32
8 Cardiff 45
9 Birmingham 53
10 Leeds 56
11 Sheffield 59
12 Nottingham 70
13 Southampton 77
14 Bristol 81
15 St Andrews 82
16 Warwick 84
17 Belfast 87

The institutions were ranked on 10 different metrics, including published academic papers and patent filings from an initial analysis of more than 600 organisations.

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All were identified by Reuters as the best in the world producing "original research, creating useful technology and stimulating the global economy."

In the broader Times Higher Education ranking of top universities, the UK dominated