O’Sullivan facing broken ankle KO

Frank Dalleres
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FIVE-TIME world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan is considering quitting snooker’s UK Championship in York after attempting to play through the pain of a broken ankle.

O’Sullivan wore a protective brace as he won his first-round match against Daniel Wells 6-2 yesterday, but admitted he may not return for his next scheduled contest on Sunday.

“It’s painful for me to play. I wanted to see what happened. I was hobbling about and I can’t get on a shot properly,” said O’Sullivan, who suffered the injury while running earlier this week.

“If it doesn’t improve I am not sure I will play my next match. I took all the painkillers I could but if it is not better by Sunday then I probably won’t play.

“I am absolutely gutted. I am really enjoying my snooker more than ever. To do that through running, I am just really angry with myself.”