Megauploader Kim Dotcom appears at UnBound tech conference in Vinopolis – sort of

Gabriella Griffith
Kim Dotcom appeared as a speaker at UnBound via Skype from New Zealand
Punters at the UnBound tech conference at London Bridge’s Vinopolis yesterday were no doubt wondering how entrepreneur-cum-internet-freedom-fighter Kim Dotcom would speak at the event at first, given his inability to leave New Zealand. But all was revealed as he appeared on screen, via Skype “looking suitably Bond villain” as one tweeter put it.

The German Megaupload founder has been awaiting trial (it starts tomorrow), having been accused by the US and New Zealand governments of aiding internet piracy. He admitted yesterday his legal bills had left him broke and the appearance could be his last public one for a while as he faces 88 years in jail.

Kim, who changed his name to Dotcom in 2005 having made millions from his file-sharing website, gave his career advice to kids. “Don’t start a cloud storage business. Become a lawyer, you’ll make a lot of money,” he said. Story of his life.

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