Leicester City beat Manchester United 5-3 despite spending £155m less in the transfer window

Billy Ehrenberg
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Louis Van Gaal will be beginning to feel the pressure (Source: Getty)

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy glory in football.

Unless, it seems, you are Manchester United, who are suffering their worst start to a Premier League season after a harrowing 5-3 reverse at the hands of Leicester City.

That's five points from five games, after a huge summer spend.

In terms of both net and gross outlay, United topped the summer spending league, dishing out £163.6m gross and £147.8m net on players. That's £95m (net) more than Liverpool, £139m more than Chelsea, £116m more than Manchester City and £138m more than lowly Leicester.

In fact, this summer's outlay represents the biggest in Manchester United's history. Leicester City spent £8.9m whether you measure it gross or net, less than Utd spent on loaning Falcao.

The gaps on gross spend are equally impressive, only Liverpool came close and they had a huge windfall from the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona.

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