Monday 18 May 2015 4:24 am

Yawn: Another concept cafe launches in Shoreditch - but this time it serves breakfast in bed

Another day, another Shoreditch-based concept pop up cafe. It's enough to make you yawn and yearn for your bed.
And as luck would have it, this cafe the brainchild of Swedish furniture leviathan Ikea, and the eating takes place in bed.
The retailer argues it is leading a “breakfast in bed revolution” with the new eatery, which aims to simulate the experience by replacing tables with beds.
It cites a recent survey that shows half of Brits have never experienced the delights of trying to avoid spilling hot coffee and crumbs on yourself/your bedsheets/curious pets.
At the Ikea Breakfast in Bed Cafe, customers choose not only their breakfast – which includes toast, “sleep-inducing teas”, fresh juices and “an array of traditional Swedish treats” – but also what they're lying on while they eat: there is a menu of beds and pillows.
The cafe is open between 7am and 3pm – the afternoon being more targeted towards those of us who like an afternoon nap.
But don't get too leisurely. Despite just opening its doors today, the cafe is only open until May 20.