Wednesday 17 September 2014 9:12 am

Which airline has the best first class cabins? Singapore Airlines flies all the way to the top

Looking to make the flight from business to first class and wondering what is the best airline to travel in style? 
Well it depends what is the most important criteria – and it doesn't appear that the price of a ticket has much to do with it. 
Which airline has the most comfortable seats? That would be Lufthansa, according to a new survey of first-class travel by crowd sourcing travel website Flightfox. 
And which airline has “the rockstar factor” – in other words, does it offer champagne and caviar, your own pyjamas, a limo, an onboard bar or private chef? If it's these little extras you crave it looks like a dead tie between Singapore and Emirates. 
Or are you just after the best food and wine? In that case you have a lot of choice open to you, with several airlines scoring well on this front, including Cathay Pacific, Oman Air and Etihad. 
When taking all the criteria into consideration, Singapore Airlines flew to the top of the list, while the silver medal went to Cathay Pacific and Emirates bagged bronze.
The league topper's cheapest one-way ticket, from Singapore to Mumbai, will set you back just over £2,000 – but for that you will be served 2004 Dom Pérignon, provided with pyjamas to sleep in and given a spacious hand-stitched armchair to while away the time. 
Cathay meanwhile offers Krug Grand Cuvée champagne, an la carte menu and freshly steamed rice, toast and eggs cooked to your personal specifications.
The most expensive best-priced first class flight according to the survey, is flying between Tokyo and LA with Japanese airline ANA, which will set you back at least £5,835. ANA also serves Krug Grand Cuveek, with caviar, which you can have while in your own set of pyjamas. 
Check out how the rest of the airlines fared in the table below.