Thursday 21 March 2019 10:05 am

Which workplace perks are the most popular among employees?

As workplace perks and office wellbeing become increasingly important to employees, businesses are starting to take note.

But now a study by employee experience platform Perkbox has revealed which benefits are most popular among workers looking for a little bit more from their job.

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Taking the top spot is extracurricular clubs, with 98 per cent of respondents saying after-hours activities such as arts and crafts and book clubs are a priority.

Following close behind is a pool table, which was chosen by 92 per cent of people. Overall, sports-based perks proved to be a hit among employees, with ping pong tables and office sports teams also scoring highly.

Games consoles and in-office video games went down well with workers, the survey revealed, while discounts on holidays, supermarkets and restaurants completed the top 10.

The full list

Ranking Perk Popularity (%)
1. Extracurricular club 97.57
2. Pool table 92.03
3. Ping pong table 89.38
4. Office sports team 88.59
5. Video games 87.83
6. Day off on your birthday 85.60
7. Discounts on holidays, flights and hotels 85.55
8. Discounts at supermarkets 85.52
9. Free coffee and hot drinks 84.63
10. Discounts on restaurants and takeaways 83.24

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Perkbox co-founder Chieu Cao said: “This list highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding which benefits make the most sense for your company. 

“In fact, deciding which benefits to implement can often depend on the type of culture and industry the business operates in.”