Tuesday 11 November 2014 8:01 am

Who are Europe's best paid bank CEOs? Four UK banks HSBC, Lloyds and RBS and Standard Chartered made the ranking

Given the boardroom battles that have taken place over recent years, it's hardly surprising – but a new ranking of last year's 15 best-paid European bank bosses shows UK bankers are among the most highly-paid in Europe.

British banks HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group took second and third places in the ranking, compiled by business intelligence services firm SNL Financial. HSBC chief exec Stuart Gulliver and Lloyds Banking Group's Antonio Horta-Osario received paycheques of €9.5m (£7.4m) and €8.8m respectively.

Stephen Hester, the former RBS boss, took seventh place with a total pay package of €6m. Standard Chartered chief executive Peter Sands – who this week is in Hong Kong for a three-day investor "charm offensive" – in at ninth place with €5.3m. Finally, current Royal Bank of Scotland chief exec Ross McEwan took home €3.4m last year, putting him in 12th place.

But the winner was Anshu Jain, chief executive of Germany-based Deutsche Bank, who made €10m last year. Jain's co-chief exec, Jurgen Fitschen, came in at sixth place, with €7.3m.

Three French-based banks also made it into the ranking: Credit Suisse's Brady Dougan took home around €8m, while BNP Paribas' Jean-Laurent Bonnafe and Societe Generale's Frederic Oudea took home €3.4m and €2.7m respectively. 

However, the report pointed out there was little correlation between executive pay and shareholder returns. 

While Credit Suisse, UBS and HSBC earned returns over arge equity in the high single figures, Lloyds recorded a loss on average equity of 1.89 percent

Is there a second shareholder spring in the offing…?