Thursday 14 April 2016 6:17 am

We're a city of time wasters; 70 per cent of London millennials haven't done anything exciting with their lives, according to the British Army Reserve

Millennials are just a bunch of time-wasters, according to new research.

Over 65 per cent of 18-35 year olds in London say they waste at least some their spare time, while more than one in ten millennials admit to spending almost a full day each week on social media and gaming.

Each typical working day, the average youthful Londoner spends two hours on the sofa; over an hour daydreaming and nearly two hours gaming.

Social media eats up the most time with, 18-35 year olds in London checking their various pages an average of six times a day. The study from the British Army Reserve found that we spend over an hour per day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat respectively.

Our time on the internet is cutting into our lust for life. According to the study, 70 per cent of young people in London say they've never done anything exciting tin their lives.

In a bid to get the youth of today straightened out, Major General John Crackett said: “The Army Reserve should be a top choice for all those wanting to make the most of their spare time"

"Whether that’s doing something new like parachuting, skiing, sailing or rock climbing, learning a new skill or be able to roll your sleeves up and help out in a humanitarian crisis, the Reserve has it all."