Wednesday 28 September 2016 9:44 am

Want to be more like James Bond? Aston Martin has just unveiled its first boat

So you only ever wear black tie, you drink all your martinis shaken, not stirred and you managed to get your hands on the ultra-limited edition DB10. Now you've run out of ideas about how to be more like James Bond.

Lucky for you, Aston Martin has come up with a new solution: its first-ever boat. Naturally, it's a powerboat capable of hitting 50 knots.

The company, known for its sleek cars and its association with a certain secret agent, unveiled the AM37 at the Monaco Yacht Show today: the day cruiser comes in two versions – the AM37, with an estimated top speed of 45 knots, or the sportier AM37S, which can skim over the waves at a face-contorting 50 knots.

The 37-foot boat has been designed by the team behind the DB11, the Aston Martin Vulcan and the One-77, and comes with luxury features such as a refrigerator, mood-lighting and air conditioning. Its leather interior, which can seat eight people, can even be transformed into an overnight berth, if you really are looking for a Bond-style encounter.

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The AM37's windscreen includes "extreme double curvature" (Source: Aston Martin)

Interested? The boat will set you back £1.3m, Aston Martin said – but that includes a choice of either a 370 horsepower Mercury diesel engine or two 430 horsepower Mercury petrol engines for the AM37, or twin 520hp Mercury petrol engines for the sportier version.

It also includes a wraparound windscreen created from a single piece of glass with "extreme double curvature", and a button which allows you to completely cover the cockpit, should the weather close in. Or should you be coming under fire from an enemy agent…

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