Wednesday 27 November 2019 9:39 am

US President Donald Trump boasts of his 'gorgeous' chest and denies heart attack theories

Donald Trump has denied theories that he suffered a heart attack earlier this month, heaping praise on his own “gorgeous” chest.

At a political rally in Florida yesterday, the President of the United States was forced to stress that he was in rude health, but admitted he visited the US army’s national medical centre on 17 November.

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He assured the crowd the visit, which was unannounced, was for a routine check-up. He told the crowd that if he “didn’t feel great,” he “wouldn’t be ranting and raving” to such a large rally.

Trump, 73, is by his own account one of the healthiest US Presidents in history – despite being the oldest to be sworn in for his first term in 2016. 

He is a notorious fan of junk food, and has been seen doing little exercise apart from playing golf throughout his decades in the public eye.

Brits will get the chance to see for themselves when Trump makes a brief visit to the UK next week for a Nato meeting and a reception with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Yesterday, he told the rally he hadn’t worn a tie for the tests because he knew doctors would ask him to take his shirt off.

He said: “Why would I wear a tie? If the first thing they do is say ‘Take off your shirt, sir, and show us that gorgeous chest?”

“We’ve never seen a chest quite like it,” he added, mimicking the doctors.

Trump has visited the Walter Reed Medical Center nine times since taking office.

It is the second time in two weeks he has been forced to deny he had a heart attack, calling the visit “a very routine physical” earlier this month.

Health has become an increasingly prevalent issue in the run-up to next year’s US election, with several democratic frontrunners also being over 70.

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Bernie Sanders, 78, suffered a heart attack earlier this year, while Joe Biden, 77, has agreed to release his medical records.

In January 2018, the then White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, said the President was in “excellent” cardiac health. This is despite Trump having a form of heart disease common to men his age, as well as a cholesterol level well above the desired figure.