Sunday 8 January 2017 1:10 pm

This Ukip MEP wants us to take back control of our pints after Brexit

Forget immigration, trade deals and passporting, there's a more important task at hand.

One Ukip MEP has called for the crown mark on pint glasses to be reinstated now that Britain is leaving Europe – although, they never truly went away.

"All drinkers remember the crown mark, knowing that it guaranteed them a full pint, indeed there are still some around," said Bill Etheridge an MP in the European Parliament for West Midlands, local councillor and member of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), according to Press Association.

"Reintroduced gradually, as replacements, they are not a throwback to a nostalgic era, but a move to put us back in control of the production and specifications of our own pint."

Doing no favours for Brexit supporters trying to defend themselves against claims they want to turn back the clock, there. What's next? Starburst to be renamed Opal Fruits?

But, he said it was just one example of "returning to our own system of British standards as we unravel ourselves from EU red tape".

A change in 2007 as a result of an EU directive meant the crown was ditched as an official mark of a pint in favour of a CE mark (that's the Conformite Europeenne mark) that denotes conformity across the region.

Glasses already with the crown stamp before this date can be kept in circulation while the ;oll-a-like crown symbol can actually also be used in conjunction with the CE.