Friday 26 August 2016 9:09 am

UberEats drivers to protest against pay cuts after Deliveroo takes action on pay structure

UberEats drivers are to protest today against cuts to their pay, just after staff at rival business Deliveroo took action over changes to their own pay structure.

UberEats, Uber's fast food delivery service, was launched in a bid to challenge Deliveroo's newly established dominance of parts of the UK's takeaway market, with both firms offering to deliver food from restaurants that do not typically deliver.

And staff at the Uber service are going to protest outside the company's London headquarters today following cuts to the amount drivers are paid, which could leave them earning less than minimum wage.

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The service's drivers had taken in as much as £20 an hour during peak meal times back in June. But according to the Guardian, the new rules could see them earn less than £10 per meal now, even at peak times.

Drivers currently earn £3.30 per delivery, plus a £4 top-up per job between 11.30am and 2.30pm. However, between 6.30pm and 9.30pm that top up is £3, with additional mileage payments.

The problem stems from UberEats cutting reducing top-ups as it recruits more staff to deliver, and more people use the service.

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Alex Czarnecki, the general manager of UberEats in London, said: “We’re committed to being the best option for couriers in London. Unlike other companies, we don’t set shifts, minimum hours or delivery zones. Couriers can simply log in or out when and where they choose.

“This is why we’ve seen hundreds of new couriers sign up in the last week alone. As UberEats grows, couriers are busier than ever. In fact, so far this week, couriers delivering lunch and dinner have made over 10 per cent more an hour than they did in the same period last week. Our office is open and our team is always available to chat to couriers.”

The move comes after Deliveroo drivers successfully protested against changes to their pay structure, which they said would result in less pay.