Tuesday 9 June 2015 4:37 am

Transport for London commissioner Sir Peter Hendy made almost £500,000 last year

The Transport for London commissioner who said commuter trains were “s**t” earned £488,000 last year, according to a Transport for London (TfL) spokesman.
Sir Peter Hendy's total package for 2013/14 was £488,888 and remained "unchanged" in 2014/15. However, last year it dropped by almost 25 per cent.
Of that, just over £155,000 was performance-related pay – just half the total bonus he took in 2012/13. 
In that year he took home £652,452, having received a bonus of £319,006 – almost exactly doubling his basic salary. 
Much of TfL's management team saw their take-home pay drop year-on-year, with the FD Steve Allen and Mike Brown, managing director of rail and underground both receiving nearly £90,000 less then before. 
Vernon Everitt, managing director of customer experience, marketing and communications, had a similar reduction to his pay packet. 
However the total number of people receiving more than £50,000 has increased from 9,172 (group) and 1,699 (corporation) in 2012/2013 to 9,264 and 1,774. 
The number of earners on £100,000 or more rose to 413 from 326 in 2014/15. The number of Crossrail staff receiving £100,000 or more rose to 41, from 40 in 2013/14. 
If you're wondering who that one person is earning more than £700,000, it is Crossrail boss Andrew Wolstenholme, who pocketed the most out of anyone in the group last year. 
Last year, more people used London's buses, Tube, DLR and Overground than ever before.