Thursday 14 April 2016 10:09 am

Traditional grad roles are losing their allure for university leavers

Traditional graduate roles in safe positions such as law, accountancy and banking are losing their allure for this generation of university leavers.

Over fifty per cent of recent graduates surveyed said they want to join start-up companies, according to graduate recruitment technology company TalentPool.

Other popular industries such as technology and media (49 per cent) were close behind, as well as consulting (43 per cent) and marketing (40 per cent).

But more than half said they’d ruled out a role in the tax industry (55 per cent), accounting ( 52 per cent) and law (45 per cent).

"Before the turn of the century, securing a graduate position with one of the largest firms would have been considered the unassailable stamp of excellence," Tom Davenport, co-founder of TalentPool, said.

"Anyone who turned down the likes of Solomon Brothers for a role at a startup would have been considered unhinged."

"Now it is quite common – and indeed socially applauded – for graduates to reject a bulge bracket bank or peer, in favour of a smaller venture where they might be given more responsibility and gain experiences that will assist them later in their careers."

The research looked at the job and sector preferences of over 1,000 recent graduates during February and March.