Fund manager Schroders is still family-controlled. The investment banking arm was sold in 2000, to leave Schroders just focused on fund management. The global asset management group has over £120bn under management and clients that include large corporations, local and public authorities, pension funds and charities, as well as high net worth individuals and retail customers. There are two classes of share on the FTSE 100: voting and non-voting.

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As Brexit negotiations reached their denouement late last year UK investors sensed the outlook for their home market improving. The Schroders

July 9, 2021

Despite the many viral, economic, and geopolitical risks in the world today, volatility in asset markets has fallen to remarkably

June 25, 2021

Climate policy over the last few years has seen the rise and rise of “net zero” targets, to the extent

June 22, 2021
Go Ultra Low Electric Vehicle on charge on a London street

We spoke to climate change specialists Simon Webber and Isabella Hervey-Bathurst for their views on the IEA’s latest report. Climate

June 18, 2021
Oil Rigs Parked In Cromarty Firth Amid Oil Downturn

Our “in the news” series focuses on recent dramatic events in the energy industry as oil majors were held to

June 16, 2021
Black Fungus Infections Add To Covid Crisis In 2nd Tier Cities

Healthcare innovation specialist John Bowler explains the revolution going on in the sector. Covid-19 aside, what other issues are emerging

June 14, 2021
Mass Vaccination Program Begins In Thailand

Some emerging markets will be vulnerable to renewed activity restrictions in the coming months. For investors, this will require careful

June 11, 2021
Global Markets Continue Last Week's Steep Decline

“Buy low, sell high” – that’s every investor’s goal. However, it’s easier said than done. In practice timing the market

June 9, 2021
Sunrise and Early Morning in Rio de Janeiro Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Pandemic

In my family I am often mocked for being a cautious and slow driver. So it was ironic and a

June 7, 2021
Germany Plans 40 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

Earlier this month, the EU carbon price moved above €50 per tonne for the first time ever. The price is

June 3, 2021
Peak Tourist Season Begins in Turkey's Famous Cappadocia Region

The latest figures for US consumer prices showed that the rate of inflation increased the most since September 2008. This

June 1, 2021
Home Sales Increase Slightly As Prices Drop

In September 2015, news broke that Volkswagen (VW) had been selling cars in the US that had a so-called “defeat

May 6, 2021

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