Sunday 18 October 2020 12:04 pm

Tony Blair accused of breaching Covid restrictions after not quarantining

Tony Blair has been accused of breaking the UK’s Covid restrictions, after being seen out at a restaurant when he should have been quarantining.

Photos have emerged today in the Sunday Telegraph of the former prime minister leaving a restaurant in Mayfair last month just 10 days after arriving back from the US.

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He had travelled to the White House in Washington DC to attend a signing ceremony of historic treaties, which saw Israel forge formal relations with the UAE and Bahrain.

Blair did not have a quarantine exemption as he was not a returning diplomat or staff member of an international body, such as the UN.

A spokesperson for Blair said he “posed no risk to anyone” as he had taken many coronavirus tests when arriving in the US and after returning to the UK.

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They added: “We believe he followed all UK and US ­government guidelines as advised.”

The former Labour PM has been vocal throughout the pandemic about the need for Boris Johnson’s government to increase its testing capacity, including at airports.