Tuesday 25 August 2015 4:31 pm

Toilet rolls, pens and post-its: These are the most common items stolen from the office

Ever nabbed a pen from the office? What about, er, a light bulb?

A new study suggests that although office workers aren't always shy about pilfering bits of stationary from the office, they're also inclined towards nicking other items – including loo rolls, light bulbs and even printer ink.

In fact, the survey by online cartridge dealer CartridgePeople.com found while 80 per cent of those who admitted to awarding themselves five-fingered discounts have taken pens home, six per cent have taken tea bags – and 10 per cent have taken toilet rolls.

That said, just 61 per cent of people admitted to stealing from the office – while 39 per cent said they'd never consider such a heinous crime. Although when your workers are going as far as to nick loo roll and tea bags, that be a sign you're not paying them enough…

ItemsPercentage of people who admitted to stealing
Pens80 per cent
Post-it notes40 per cent
Notepads32 per cent
Highlighters26 per cent
Blu-Tack16 per cent
Toilet rolls10 per cent
Tea bags6 per cent
USB sticks6 epr cent
Light bulbs3 per cent
Ink cartridges3 per cent
Mugs2 per cent