Tuesday 2 October 2018 3:34 pm

The times, they are a-changin’: Innovation is happening faster than ever before, especially in the world of blockchain


Innovation is happening faster than ever before, especially in the world of blockchain.

So too with ICO NEWS, which today becomes the TOKEN INTELLIGENCE column, reflecting the changing and broadening out of what started out as just ICOs. Now we have the rise of ‘Tokenised Securities Offerings’, along with TGEs (Token Generation Events – not necessarily linked to a funding campaign) and other crypto-assets, such as those fractionalising a holding of gold, silver, fine-wine or real-estate.

Tokens for ‘utility’. Tokens to reward the network. Tokens for ‘airdrop’ marketing. Even tokens for loyalty. Thousands of them exploring new ways of creating, sharing and transferring value.

This is all possible because it becomes clearer by the day that blockchain technology provides a new, altogether tougher, level of public infrastructure. A ‘grown up internet’ engineered with military-grade encryption creating tamper proof locking mechanisms.

Because of this new, better, environment, ‘Decentralising’ the web, we are able to do far more things than ever before, and collaborate in myriad new ways.

Meanwhile the web’s inventor Prof. Tim Berners-Lee is now on a mission to re-decentralise it.“The spirit [back then] was very decentralized. The individual was incredibly empowered. It was all based on there being no central authority that you had to go to to ask permission,” he said. “That feeling of individual control, that empowerment, is something we’ve lost.”

The explosion of tokens and the blockchain technology that enables them will play a pivotal role in our future. We are changing not just money and the entire digital environment on which we all depend but in so doing the nature of what is now possible. This will alter business and society as a whole, for better or worse.

This will involve many choices, much debate and there’s a long way to go before public understanding is up to grasping the implications and making the choices.

One choice we do not have is to halt this careering train. It will continue to move ever faster. If we do nothing, learn nothing, then we’ll get what we’re given – and risk being the victims rather than architects of our future.

So please stick with me, join me in the ongoing Token Intelligence journey, here and on ICOrad.io, as we continue the ongoing struggle making sense of not just the tokenisation of assets and the economy but the remaking of our world.

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