Wednesday 3 August 2016 4:23 am

These are the UK's 10 best-paid jobs for graduates

Graduate analysts have the highest paying roles of all graduates with a starting salary of £34,366, well over the UK’s national average of £27,000.

According to the latest report by Glassdoor, other jobs in the top three include consultants who are paid an average of £28,891 and software engineers who are paid £28,370.

The UK's 10 Highest Paying Graduate Jobs 2016 list was determined by searching for specific jobs on Glassdoor with the word “graduate” in the title and a minimum of 35 salary reviews, in addition to data collected by Office For National Statistics.

The report shows the top 10 highest paying graduate jobs in the UK includes five engineer roles, all of which have a salary well over £24,000.

While pay is an incentive to anyone currently job hunting, Jon Ingham, Glassdoor careers and workplace expert says that “graduate job seekers should endeavour to think wider than just the monthly pay cheque”.

However, salary expectations among new graduates have increased by 37 per cent over the last five years, according to recruitment website

The UK's best-paid grad jobs

1Graduate Analyst£34,366
2Graduate Consultant£28,891
3Graduate Software Designer £28,370
4Graduate Mechanical Engineer£26,949
5Graduate Engineer£26,500
6Graduate Software Developer£26,000
7Graduate Civil Engineer£25,000
8Graduate Structural Engineer£24,993
9Graduate Management Trainee£20,000
10Graduate Recruitment Consultant£20,000