Tuesday 26 June 2018 3:31 pm

These are the top 10 best-paying companies in the UK

Facebook has come top of a new list of the best-paying companies in the UK.

New data from job site Glassdoor identified Facebook as the best-paying company in the UK on a list dominated by tech firms and banks.

According to Glassdoor the median total compensation at Facebook is £90,000 with median base pay at £72,000.

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German bank Deutsche Bank was in second place with median total compensation of £86,500, followed by Swiss bank Credit Suisse on £85,000, asset manager BlackRock on £83,500 and another Swiss bank UBS rounding out the top five on £80,000.

In a Glassdoor review from earlier this year, one former Facebook employee commented favourably on the pay.

“Well compensated compared to industry average and comes with a host of benefits including travel, free food, gym etc”, they said.

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A current employee in a review last year said the company offers: “Industry leading benefits, a great office and total package is very competitive.”

The figures are based on salaries submitted to Glassdoor over the past 24 months. Only employers with 30 or more salary reports in the timeframe have been included.

Top 10 best-paying companies in the UK

Company Median base pay (£) Median total compensation (£)
Facebook 72,000 90,000
Deutsche Bank 78,250 86,500
Credit Suisse 75,000 85,000
BlackRock 68,500 83,500
UBS 71,000 80,000
Bank of America 74,000 79,170
Morgan Stanley 65,000 77,250
Goldman Sachs 60,000 75,000
Oracle 60,000 70,020
Microsoft 61,000 67,821