Monday 25 April 2016 9:32 am

The surprising impact on your earnings if you have kids

If you're juggling work and parenting, you might be surprised to hear that you're probably getting a nice little bonus in your pay packet compared to those who are without kids – but, only if you're a man.

Working dads are taking home a 21 per cent bonus on their salary compared to men without children, research from the TUC union and the Institute for Public Policy Research.

And it seems the more kids they have, the better bonus they get – fathers with two kids earned nine per cent more than those with just one child, the study of 17,000 workers found. For women, on the other hand, those with kids suffer a wage penalty, taking home eleven per cent less than those without children. 

“In stark contrast to the experience of working mums who often see their earnings fall after having children, fatherhood has a positive impact on men’s earning," TUC said general secretary Frances O'Grady.

“It says much about current attitudes that men with children are seen as more committed by employers, while mothers are still often treated as liabilities. While men play a much more active role in raising their children nowadays, many are afraid to request flexible working or time off in case it damages their career prospects."

So what's behind the figures?

The researchers say it may be to do with working hours. Men with kids tend to work slightly longer hours than men without, while women with kids tend to work slightly shorter hours than those without, according to data on labour market statistics

The research also points out that several studies around the world have identified that CVs which are the same are scored more highly when there is a male name at the top, compared to a female name, pointing towards positive discrimination as a factor.

Meanwhile, the TUC said it believes it's still assumed that men are the major breadwinners while mothers are expected to fit work in around having children.