Wednesday 5 December 2018 5:29 pm

The Tesla Model 3 has arrived in London - here's how to see the car before its release in 2019

Today marks the debut of the Model 3 Tesla in London.

The electric vehicle’s first London showing will take place at Tesla’s showroom in Park Royal.

Marketed as a “smaller, simpler and more affordable family saloon” that goes to 60mph in 3.3 seconds, the Model 3 reached 325,000 global reservations in its opening week.

However, unless UK reservation holders attended the Model 3’s European premiere at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, many will have yet to see the vehicle in the flesh.

They now have the opportunity to do so.

Both reservation holders and the general public are invited to attend Tesla's showroom to interact with the “hands-on educational displays” and “see the car, sit inside it and learn about it from Tesla’s knowledgeable staff”.

In a bid to broaden its support systems, Tesla has also announced that it is opening on average 20 new superchargers a week in Europe and began working this summer to increase its global service capacity by threefold.

Deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 to British reservation holders are not expected until early to mid-2019.