Monday 13 January 2020 8:32 am

Storm Brendan: Winds of up to 80mph to lash UK

Britain is preparing for forceful winds of up to 80mph and heavy rain as Storm Brendan swept into the country today.

The Met Office issued a weather warning for the west of the UK today, though the Republic of Ireland will be the worst hit by the storm, with the country having an orange wind warning.

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The west of England, Scotland and Wales will suffer “a very windy period” strong winds from 10am today and over the next two days, the Met Office said.

Meanwhile Storm Brendan could cause coastal flooding in Ireland, where it will wreak havoc until around 9pm. Crucial roads were salted overnight in the Republic of Ireland.

But east coast areas of Britain could also see adverse weather as winds of up to 50mph lash the country.

“As it pushes though, pretty much every part of the UK will feel the influence,” Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge told the Guardian.

Storm Brendan was over the Atlantic yesterday but will bring strong winds and rain on Monday.

While the whole of the UK will experience high winds, they could reach up to 80mph in the west and north of the UK.

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The Met Office’s yellow weather warning will stay in place on Tuesday when a separate low pressure system unrelated to Storm Brendan comes into England and Wales.

“Another low pressure system will bring wet and windy weather, with winds speeds reaching up to 70mph locally,” forecaster Greg Dewhurst told the Evening Standard.