Monday 21 October 2019 10:27 am

Speaker Bercow could block Boris Johnson's bid for Brexit deal vote

Speaker John Bercow could refuse to grant Boris Johnson a second bite at the cherry today as the Prime Minister attempts to push through a meaningful vote on his Brexit deal.

The government has confirmed it will introduce the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – the legislation required to implement the Brexit deal – in today’s Commons session.

Johnson is also widely expected to press for a Commons vote on his deal to happen today.

But Bercow may rule that the vote cannot be repeated just two days after Saturday’s parliamentary sitting.

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Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment on Saturday saw MPs vote to withhold their approval from Johnson’s Brexit deal unless and until all other Brexit legislation is passed.

Saturday’s vote triggered the Benn Act, forcing the Prime Minister to write to the EU requesting a delay to Brexit beyond Halloween.

However, signalling his reluctance, Johnson did not sign the letter and sent a follow-up memo stating that a delay was not in the UK’s interests.

Parliament needs a straight up-and-down vote on the deal… or do they want to frustrate and cancel Brexit altogether?

A government source told PA: “We cannot allow parliament’s letter to lead to parliament’s delay.”

Johnson wants to give MPs a “yes or no” vote on his Brexit deal today if Bercow does not block it.

“Parliament needs a straight up-and-down vote on the deal – do MPs want to respect the referendum like they claim to… or do they want to frustrate and cancel Brexit altogether?” Number 10 told the BBC.

“Letwin’s delay amendment turned Saturday into a meaningless vote and denied MPs and the public the chance to end the uncertainty.”

Labour will attempt to make changes to Johnson’s Brexit deal, including an amendment that would put the deal to a second Brexit referendum against the option of Remain.

Other changes would include demanding a UK-wide customs union and single market alignment.

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Meanwhile Scotland’s Court of Session will consider whether Johnson has failed to fully comply with the law by sending the unsigned delay request to Brussels alongside a signed letter stating another delay would be a mistake.

The pound hit $1.30 in early trading today as investors expressed optimism that the UK will pass a Brexit deal.

But GBP then trimmed gains to stand at $1.298 by 10.26am, with sterling choppy as the long road to Brexit continues.