Wednesday 21 December 2016 4:01 am

Is Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon deluded to think that Scotland can get a special Brexit deal?

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Ruth Davidson MSP, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, says Yes.

We want the best Brexit deal for Scotland and that means the UK coming together to negotiate hard in the interests of all of us.

Nicola Sturgeon talks about compromise, but written in black and white in her own report is her true intention – she wants independence in Europe. She has been using the Brexit issue to get to that point all along and the people of Scotland can see her manoeuvring for what it is.

If she truly wants the best Brexit deal, she should be pulling together with other parts of the UK, not trying to split the country up. We cannot see how the SNP's plans for a separate Scottish deal, or independence, will deliver that. Simply put, all the evidence shows that it would create a trade barrier at Berwick. That’s not just our view – it’s the view of industry leaders, academics and members of the SNP’s own hand-picked standing council of experts.

Given that, it’s perhaps no surprise that yesterday’s paper wasn’t written by the experts, but by the SNP government itself. The SNP is simply putting forward evidence-free assertions.

Stephen Gethins MP, SNP European affairs spokesperson, says No.

The proposals are designed to respect Scotland’s voice and protect our national interests, and I expect when the UK government considers them – as the Prime Minister has committed to do – it will demonstrate the same flexibility and willingness to compromise as the Scottish government has done.

We want the UK government to make clear when it triggers Article 50 that it intends to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union. If it will not do so, we want the UK government to seek, as part of its negotiation, a differentiated solution for Scotland. This is the only credible plan on offer so far.

All the Scottish party leaders in Holyrood were in favour of Remaining – and their Tory leader voiced support for membership of the Single Market. All negotiations ahead will be characterised by a need to find practical solutions to a range of complex issues. It is in that spirit that we seek to find solutions that will respect the voice and protect the interests of Scotland.