Saturday 25 September 2021 5:11 pm

Royal Albert Hall boss warns unvaccinated attendees risk being barred from events

The Royal Albert Hall’s boss has cautioned that attendees could be barred from concerts if they have not yet been vaccinated.

Chief executive Craig Hassall has said that those hiring out the venue are free to limit tickets to those with two jabs if they chose, despite the government scrapping plans for vaccine passports.

Hassall added that the Hall was trying to find a “middle ground that will upset the least amount of people” in terms of its Covid-19 restrictions, the Telegraph reported.

 “It will depend on the promoter, so some promoters might have stronger rules on this. A promoter has the right to say to us, if they’re hiring a venue ‘if we ask you to check someone’s status and they don’t show it then they will be asked to leave’.

“It’s a strong position but it is a position some promoters may choose to take, and we have to respect that. They are hiring the venue.”

Health secretary Sajid Javid announced earlier this month that the government would not be moving forward with plans to implement mandatory vaccine passports for night clubs and large-scale events.

Prime minister Boris Johnson originally announced in July that people would need to show proof of vaccination to enter night clubs and large events from the end of September.

Experts have suggested that other venues may follow suit with the Hall’s stance of letting event organisers decide per event.