Wednesday 23 March 2016 9:15 am

Powerful women in the City: From Helena Morrissey to Pinky Lilani, these are the women in finance and business most influential on social media

The UK’s company boardrooms are a rapidly changing place, with the percentage of women having doubled in the past four years to reach Lord Davies’ target of 25 per cent. Sure, men may still be in the majority, but the City is full of powerful women – movers and shakers, award-winners and influencers to be inspired by.

We’ve put together a list of the most important women working in London’s financial hub on social media.

Our list is automatically updated every fortnight on Wednesday and is based on active users of Twitter and their Klout scores, which takes into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and Wikipedia.

This list is no longer being updated. It was last updated in May 2016. Please see our new Power 100 Women list.

Powerful women on social media
Powerful women on social media