Thursday 18 May 2017 10:54 am

Party donors: Here are the biggest names bank-rolling the Conservative campaign

As the Conservatives launched their policies today, the money behind the Tory manifesto was revealed.

The Electoral Commission has published the names of party donors who have given more than £7,500 to a party between 3 May and 9 May, giving an insight into who wants Prime Minister Theresa May back in Number 10.

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Unsurprisingly, the Conservatives have bagged the most cash so far, having collected£4,108,000 from their major donors. The founder of Addison Lee, John Griffin, was the biggest single Tory donor, giving nearly £1m to the party.

Here's how the Tories compared to their rivals:

PartyTotal received from donations of over £7,500

Conservatives £4,108,000
Labour £2,683,300
Liberal Democrats £180,000
Ukip £48,000
Greens £15,000
Women's Equality Party £20,544

And here are the big names keeping the Conservatives' battle bus on the road:

  • Sir Henry Keswick, former owner of the Spectator, and his wife Lady Keswick, have both donated £25,000 each
  • David Mayhew, former chairman of JP Morgan Cazenove, has given £25,000
  • John Griffin, founder of Addison Lee, has shelled out £900,000
  • David Rowland, property tycoon, has given £200,000
  • Chief executive of Petrofac, Ayman Asfari, has donated £50,000
  • John Armitage, Britain's ninth-richest hedge fund manager, has given £500,000 to the campaign
  • Boss of Caxton Associates, Andrew Law, has backed May with £250,000
  • Co-founder of CVC Capital Partners, Bruce Hardy McLain, has given £100,000
  • Iceland boss Malcolm Walker has donated £50,000
  • Sir John Hall, the former Newcastle United chairman who sold his shares to Sports Direct'sMike Ashley, has given £25,000 to the Tories
  • Selfridges has set aside £40,000 for the Conservatives.