Monday 7 October 2013 6:58 am

Newcastle Uni brands students RUNTs

Rebrands are tricky at the best of times, risking alienating customers or spending a fortune on a new logo nobody notices.
But Newcastle University is sure to get noticed if some of its brand ideas make it to the public.
It has applied to trademark the Research University of Newcastle upon Tyne – or RUNT, in acronym form.
What could be worse? Well they've also applied for the Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne – unpublishable as an acronym – as well as the Civic University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
But their greatest sin could be to choose NewcastleGateshead University. That risks offending Tynesiders from both banks of the river, none of whom enjoy being lumped together with their nearest neighbours.
The university staff might have some of those acronyms shouted back at them if the marketing team goes ahead with that one.