Wednesday 22 February 2017 9:04 am

A new Night Tube map will help Londoners find their nearest late night McDonald's

The Night Tube has already proved more popular than expected and businesses have been reaping the rewards.

And now a new app has been launched to help out Night Tube goers looking for a midnight snack. Or more specifically, a midnight Maccy D's.

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Take your pick
The Central Line is lovin' it (Source: Bappz)

App developer Bappz has added an interactive version of the Night Tube map to its London Tube map app, showing all the open late-night and 24-hour McDonald's restaurants within 300m of each station, helpfully marked with a McDonald's icon. 

So you can grab a Big Mac on your way home from a late shift or a night out without going on a long detour to find a fast food outlet. It's available on iOS and Android from today.

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And the closest open restaurant to the app's user will glow on the map giving you the quickest route to your chips.

Bappz founder Paul Myers said: “I used to work in the London night economy and use public transport to and from my job in the early hours. I would have loved that London Tube Map with the McDonald’s inspired Night Tube map or similar to have been available then. It wasn’t, so we had to invent it."