Thursday 23 April 2015 8:06 am

Most Londoners have too much work to take a proper lunch break

It turns out lunch is a dull meal for Londoners, with the majority remaining chained to their desks while they reply to emails and get on with work. 

A survey of 500 Londoners by L’atelier des Chefs found 69 per cent of people in the capital find their workload too intense to nip out for a quick bite, while 34 per cent believe taking a full hour off would be frowned on by their employers. 
For 15 per cent of Londoners, a lunch break is basically non-existent, coming around only once month. For 25 per cent, it happens once a week – which isn't great, considering a similar number said they were unproductive in the afternoon if they didn't have a proper break.
What was surprising was that even when they do take their full lunch breaks, half actually choose to spend it at their desks – so being stuck at work can't be that bad…
A separate study recently found that when choosing what to eat, simplicity is key – Britons are more likely to opt for a plain cheese sandwich over anything else. In fact, three in 10 choose this humble meal every single working day, and have done so for an average of four and a half years (that's around 1,000 cheese sandwiches in a row).
Are UK workers a bunch of bores at lunchtime? Maybe – but that's just the way we like it.