Tuesday 26 April 2016 6:30 am

Meetings take up two years of our lives and are a complete waste of time, according to new research

From business jargon to having to talk to your colleagues, the great British public hates pretty much everything about being employed.

Now, even the traditional business meeting is coming under fire, as new research finds the average worker spends years attending them.

Office workers in the UK are spending increasing amounts of time preparing for, and attending meetings, and they now take out two years of our entire lives.

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The average worker attends around four meetings every week, and spends almost 25 per cent of their shift preparing for them, according to a study from software developer eShare.

Brits feel like they're wasting their energy. Around 40 per cent of those asked said half of their meetings are unnecessary, while 30 per cent feel that the entire concept of a meeting is a major waste of time. A further 40 per cent claim they spend most meetings daydreaming.

“Meetings are an integral part of business life, but many are inefficient, with incorrect agendas and attendees unable to locate the required background information when they need it,” said eShare chief exec Alister Esam.

“With the average office worker spending more than a day every week on meetings, addressing the waste of hours resulting from ineffective and inefficient meetings could be the single biggest boost to productivity for any organisation.”

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