Monday 23 March 2015 12:17 pm

London's latest novelty cafe is all about the grilled cheese

Does the idea of a cat cafe bring you out in a rash? The concept behind the owl bar have you on the phone to the RSPB? The £3-a-pop cereal bar make you want to weep into your cornflakes?

Fear not. The novelty cafe wheel of fortune has turned once more, and this time it's come up with a blinder. 

That is, if you like grilled cheese. And you have to ask yourself some pretty serious questions if you're thinking about turning down the opportunity to eat a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast, lunch or (and?) dinner. 
London's latest specialist restaurant The Melt Room will open its Soho doors in May, serving just a few types of sandwich plus specials and sides including pickles, relish, cheese-friendly sauces and goat’s cheese popcorn from 7am until late into the evening. 
The titchy venue has 12 seats, so will be predominantly take-away, with a delivery service to follow, according to food blog Hot Dinners.  
All sandwiches will be made using hand-made, sourdough bread from Wapping Bakery and the meat is free-range Native Breeds from Gloucestershire. 
This is one novelty cafe we can really get down with.