Thursday 11 December 2014 8:59 pm

MW Solicitors law posters: There’s creative and there’s just plain scary

And the award for scariest corporate graphics 2014 goes to… MW Solicitors. The firm has recently applied to trademark some new graphics, which it’s using on its homepage. 
The six images are used to identify the various branches of the firm’s services but we can’t help but find them a little bit, erm, freaky. 

IT anyone?

Workplace and commercial is identified by an image of a man in a bowler hat with a clown’s face and a cigar stuck on top. Anyone who didn’t particularly enjoy 80s’ cult film IT may not appreciate it too much. 
Over to the family and children section, and the image is a mosaic style face of Henry VIII with bits of his wives stuck on for good measure. 

The family and children section (Source: MW Solicitors)

Possibly the most Rocky Horror of the lot is the injury and health image. It’s a raggedy old teddy bear, with human body parts inside visible through tears. Cheery. 
We hope the Intellectual Property Office passed MW’s trademarks but we daresay they didn’t need to – we don’t see anyone else using them any time soon.